Rent a Corporate Jet And Save

Smart Suggestions For Leasing Corporate Jets

For those who own a business or if your company is considering leasing a jet then there are some things that you should know. The thing is that, if you want a corporate jet then you have two options. You can buy a jet or you can always lease a jet for your own private use. But there are actually benefits and drawbacks to leasing a jet that you must be aware of if that is what you are leaning towards.
When you find yourself talking about advantages, it is pretty obvious that leasing a corporate jet is a lot easier on the pocket than purchasing one.

You can use the cash that you would have spent on buying that corporate jet and put it towards other items for your business.

If you opt for an operating lease then you can get a corporate jet for lease on a short-term basis. For example, if there is an aircraft containing an estimated life-span of 30 years you’ll be able to rent that craft for five years. This is usually a very simple leasing transaction where at the end of the agreement, the aircraft is returned to the lessor.

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What exactly is an empty leg flight? These are corporate jet flights that are returning to their home base and there is actually no one on the plane. How this works is simple enough. Say a jet has flown an executive to Chicago and that executive has to stay there for a few days yet the jet needs to go back and get another executive, that jet will be flying back regardless if there is someone else in that flight or not.

A great way that you can also ride corporate jets and never have to own one is to keep an eye out for jets that happen to be on an empty leg flight.

The jet is going to be using fuel and the pilot will be logging in hours which is why most corporate jets allow for passengers to with them on these empty leg flight to at least recoup most of the costs. But what this signifies for you is that you get to a private jet and you get to save approximately 50% off the fare when compared with when you use a commercial plane.

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For anybody who is interested in these flights, you can consider websites that have schedules of these leg flights that you can book passage to. You will save so much money and will also be flying in comfort too. All thanks to companies that have corporate jets which they may or may not own.
The very next opportunity that you need to fly out, try to book a flight with these jets and notice the difference.