Top 3 Linux Distros in 2018


If you are new to Linux or looking for something different, these distributions below are clearly the best options in 2018 designed for different levels of expertise and you will find them useful.

Linux Mint

It is normal to feel overwhelmed if you are migrating from Windows or Mac OS environment. It is possible you want to start with the easier way, Linux Mint is right for you.

Mint comes out of the box with a great set of programs, such as OpenOffice. You can pick from four desktop environments.

Cinnamon being the more equivalent to Windows’ menu pseudo-start (though the MATE is still a popular solution).

Also, it is just lightweight on resources; it loads faster and uses less memory than the popular Ubuntu.

Mint is always synchronized with the latest versions of Ubuntu LTS, which means you don’t need to worry about being vulnerable to Cyber attacks or malware.


It is the perfect base for new users of Linux since it is the most polished Linux operating system that exists.

Previously, the Unity desktop interface can have taken a while to get used to if you were used to Mac or Windows.

Ubuntu is a pleasant and gentle way to become familiar with the upgrade of your operating system using “apt” commands, essentially an advanced version of Debian, but in terms of simplicity, Ubuntu improves its predecessor in almost every way.

Ubuntu has switched to GNOME 3 as the default Ubuntu desktop environment, which may please some people, and there are many variations on it for PC at a lower level, like Ubuntu MATE, which is great for laptops, or Lubuntu which is a lightweight fork of Ubuntu that uses an LXDE desktop environment.

Ubuntu is more or less the distribution that made acceptable to many users who previously reported feeling intimidated by Linux, and after all these years remains a bedrock of accessibility and efficiency.

Elementary OS

Based on Ubuntu and aims to provide a user-friendly experience and a polished list to use. It exists since quite some time and it has established itself as a solid choice for beginners and desktop users seeking polished distribution.

Since Elementary OS is based on Ubuntu, it enjoys all the benefits of Ubuntu with an extra level of care and finishes. The Ubuntu PPA repositories and external packages will work with the operating system, so it is a distribution extremely well supported.

Elementary has its own desktop environment, Pantheon, which provides a user experience that should be familiar to fans of Mac OS. This means you can have a style similar to the Mac with underlying Linux power and control.

Elementary is incredible for users of desktop and workstation at any level of experience.


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